Firefighters, I think (15 Photos)

fire fight lead Firefighters, I think (15 Photos)

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  • Amanda

    I’m such a frigging sap – photos of kind people carrying animals away from catastrophes always make me teary-eyed. (But I have a tendency to laugh during funerals. Does that balance out?)

  • really?

    you sound like your bi polar or somehow imbalanced…

  • Equalizer

    Firemen probably standing there for a very long time that is why they need to sit down for a while…

  • stanjam

    Many of those pics were taken at burn houses. Sometimes, rather than tearing a house down, the owner of the property will let the fire department burn it down. I have been to several. For a day or two we would practice our trade by setting fires in various rooms, and go in to put the fire out. Excellent training, about as close to the real thing as you get. Then we burn it down. TONS of fun!

    And yes, sometimes you are stuck for many hours manning a high pressure hose. Being able to sit down is a blessing.

  • brucechino

    The hose through the window is awesome.

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