Lingerie model Caprice Bourret (20 photos)

a caprice bourret milf 10 Lingerie model Caprice Bourret (20 photos)

Caprice Valerie Bourret (born October 24, 1971) is an American lingerie model, actress, television personality and businesswoman. Much of her career has been in the United Kingdom where she is known by her first name. In 2006 her claim to have been ‘Miss Teen California’ was exposed as false. SOURCE

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  • Meh


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  • alextc

    she is aight

  • roggiwilkov

    not bad; but there are better pics of her out there in the motorboative dimensions of the web

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  • Taylor

    face is jacked

    • Red-Joker

      never seen collagen used in a way that does not look absolutely fake and horrifying.

  • Anonymous

    I think she used to be a dude

  • Ammad


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