Paris Hilton's breasts can't make up their mind (22 photos)

a paris hilton boob job Paris Hilton's breasts can't make up their mind (22 photos)

Flat? Voluptuous? Round? Square? Magical? Mysterious? All the above. It’s a fact that Paris Hilton has never gone under the knife for breast augmentation, but I’m positive she does have the world’s best collection of miracle bras.

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  • Carlos MV

    I love her breasts!

  • fresh in mex

    shes way overrated….

  • shes still sexy

    shes still quite sexy

  • KElsey

    Her boobs are contortionists! I can’t stand her. Famouse for nothing. No talent or anything.

  • KElsey


  • hot4her

    she has awesome boobs

  • peaches

    i want her bra

    • jeepers

      I want to be her bra 😉

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't matter. She is a whore. I have ejaculated better humans into my old socks and toilet then what she is or what she will ever become.

    • ikihi

      sperm is not a human….not enough chromosomes…idiot.

    • Tell

      You wish you had the opportunity to copulate with her…your envy of those who have manifests itself as feigned disgust. If you say you would rather ejaculate into old socks than into Paris Hilton, I say you are a liar.

  • Anna

    Lol very true. I wonder as well 😀

  • robin yates

    Paris who ?

  • Quality

    Shes rich…and shes a blonde, both my primary needs in one girl; 🙂

  • Bubba-bo-bob

    THe last picture, you can see the padding that’s giving her a boost.

  • Jimi Luckum

    They obviously get bigger when she’s on the blob.

    What a fucking skank, though.

  • big dog

    She may be all the things that people call her but, I’ll bet that most men will clock that out of pure curiosity, and she got money to boot. I don’t think she need talent but for one thing….

  • SomatiK

    hi, spring is cooming! good post there, tnx for

  • sirius

    What a skank. I wouldn’t do her with your dick.

  • v

    she got famous cos the media caused her to be famous and people constantly like to know about her life for whatever reason. being rich is one thing, but she didn’t pay the media to make negative reports about her. why would anyone achieve fame like this? common sense. and why are you even interested to comment on her breasts if she’s not attractive to you? you can save your time to earn more cash or chicks, why spend time criticizing? maybe someone has criticized you in your lifetime and you enjoy it so much that you’re here doing the same thing here.

  • truthspeaker

    True story, I ran into Paris in a casino in Las Vegas. She must have been pretty drunk, because normally I repulse women, but she was coming onto me pretty strong. She begged me to fuck her, but due to the likelihood of contracting a STD from her I would only allow her to suck my cock while wearing three condoms. But I couldn’t cum because, like most beautiful women, her blowjobs are like sticking one’s zipper worm into a sausage grinder. Finally I was able to cum, though, after I closed my eyes real tight and fantasized that it was Barack Obama doing me.

  • Paris Hilton moet aankomen | Franky Monte

    […] erfgename Paris Hilton is op dieet. Niet om slanker te worden maar om aan te komen. Naar eigen zeggen had ze ondergewicht […]

  • John


  • big rig

    Would LOVE to bang that.. Wild and she loves it.

  • bill

    wow she is a beautiful woman,yummy,yummy.always gives me wood

  • I want to wave my coke to her small boobs


  • Sploodge

    What sort of Witchcraft is this!?! Maybe the same sort that got her famous despite having no talent…

  • Dan Miller

    Shes Def NOT "Chive Worthy" either way

    • Jawbone

      She is just as much as any of the other attention whores begging to be DAR'ed. Seriously, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

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