Paris Hilton's breasts can't make up their mind (22 photos)

a paris hilton boob job Paris Hilton's breasts can't make up their mind (22 photos)

Flat? Voluptuous? Round? Square? Magical? Mysterious? All the above. It’s a fact that Paris Hilton has never gone under the knife for breast augmentation, but I’m positive she does have the world’s best collection of miracle bras.

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  • jack

    Just imagine her and fucking ejaculates me

  • rossy

    i'd still eat and shag her till she begged me to stop,or until my 3min were up

  • quan

    on & off birth control

  • Tuff Guy

    Maybe she is a talentless bitch, but I'd still LOVE to put it in her.

  • Big Brandy

    Most women are having big or saggy boobs, for having big boobs became a very common thing amongst women especially after plastic surgery jobs. All famous women are becoming very similar in shape to each other, so that having big boobs is no more Thaaaat hot. Yet seeing small boobs on top of a sexy body, is like a throwing a bomb at a man's mind, because it creates a hot shock: she's dammmmmn hotttt, and most important: she's DIFFERENT- ie not a photocopy of all other famous girls!!!!!!

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