Criminals used to have character (28 photos)

a old fashion mugshots 19 Criminals used to have character (28 photos)

Is it just me, or did people back in the 20’s and 30’s look different? Not just their hair styles and clothes, but their facial features are so much more interesting -character-like compared to people today. Just sayin…

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  • Carlos MV

    totally agreed. people back then really looks different.
    interesting post

  • Amanda

    Love the woman who looks like Little Red Riding Hood. (And she looks more pissed than anybody else. Don’t tangle with Red, man.)

  • Looney

    It’s like people were too poor to have color, or they hadn’t invented it yet.

  • beep

    people looked like symmetrical, we are more symmetrical as we have easier lifes

  • Equalizer

    they just not yet used to with cameras or probably the flashes…

  • Snarfinger

    They look different than people of today because they were taken out of the gene pool…thankfully.

  • Anonymous

    People had more character because they had more hardship….we live cushy pampered lives by comparison. Interesting people are built from the trials they face. Criminals especially are more prone to have dealt with terrible things.

    Plus now it’s en vogue to erase your character with plastic surgery in favor of a plainer more generic “beauty.” Yuck.

  • azifeyekare

    The guy from 1960 looks like he is in a Calvin Klein ad…

    • jesus

      it would also be interesting to know for what did they get busted for.

      especially that male model from 1960.

      it’d be so cool if he would be like a conman and his name would be tony babyface or smt like that.


    • blackwatchrasta

      That's exactly what i thought when I saw it!

    • hMMMM

      It also looks like his feet aren't touching the ground!

  • bear warning

    maybe its just the color, black and white brings character

  • jozef

    the had meth back in 30s ?

  • Reenaissance

    Whoa.. is it just me, or the guy just on the top of the woman-with-veil’s picture looked like Alexander Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand??

  • Slump

    Great post, very interesting.

  • SabbathMorgo

    Mark Fukavina is a Communist

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  • andy a


  • ava

    genetics, we keep breeding, so we get more 'samey'…less character, but prettier…lol…

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