Kanye West, clown shoes (12 photos)

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a kanye west douche asshole 8 Kanye West, clown shoes (12 photos)
As everyone knows, a-hole, Chris Brown beat the living tar out of his girlfriend Rihanna and will burn in hell for that. Kanye West recently stuck up for Chris Brown during a VH1 Story Tellers taping. he had this to say,

“Can’t we give Chris a break? I know I make mistakes in life.”

As if hitting a girl is comparable to running a stop-sign, or being a douchebag. This really boiled my blood so whipped up a little Kanye-douchebag-gallery portraying him as the mega-asshole he really is.

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  • man no

    this just ant right y ever body going hared on chris when hiz just a baby

    • hating man no


    • Tennant

      Holy shit, I had a hard time reading your post. No wonder you don't understand why the rest of the world thinks Kanye is an idiot…cause you're a fucking retard. Learn how to spell for Christ sake.

  • Anonymous

    Brown & West are both artists. Good thing is, we don’t have to buy their crap…er “art”.

  • sdc

    best. ever. post.

  • More Doctors Smoke Camels

    Who gives a shit what these douchebags say or do… they are not talented anyway and are only famous for singing ‘music’ that anybody could ‘sing’. Atrocious.

    • asdasdasd

      anybody? ok go n we'll see what will happen

  • Uberliz

    The PedoBear one is the best. FTW

  • http://thechive.com/2009/09/hey-guess-what-kanye-west-is-a-total-asshole-4-pics-1-vid/ video of kanye west taking microphone from taylor swift | TheChive

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  • Anonymous

    Kanye is the king of DOUCHE BAGGERY!!!,he is such a fagy douche/bad rapper/bad style/ D.O.U.C.H.E! haha its mind boggling.awesome chivin raut herrrr.

  • dave

    I like fish sticks

    • Levitating

      im going to have to ''do a barrel roll' and agree with you on that one …fish sticks are delicious in the summer …dave .good call

  • DollarBill

    Damn Chive, I've lost some respect for you on this one. Completley unnecessary.

    • Ray T

      you mad bro?!

    • Ettienne

      DollarBillUK…..name says it all. Wanabe 'Merica gangsta boy living in the UK. Added to douche list.

    • Jawbone

      I'm sure Kanye's cum will still be palatable to you, DollarBill.

  • hate away

    Rihanna is also a douchebag for making songs with chris brown, inviting him to parties etc. she could have her own gallery.

  • Kevin

    Don't bring the pedobear down to this level. Thou the bears acts are questionable, he is in no way a douche as the King douche-nozzle of douchebaggery

  • Biddlenuts

    Great Post!

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