Celebs without makeup (20 photos)

a celebs without makeup 4 Celebs without makeup (20 photos)

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  • Carlos MV

    lol at the end.
    avril and angelina still look hot. maddona looks like sh*t

    • Shmade

      Agreed. Avril still looks smoking. Most of these people don’t look good made up or otherwise to me.

  • Amanda

    Without her makeup, Angelina and Octomom really do look alike. Creepy. (And how much spackle must they put on Paris Hilton to even out THAT skin? Woah.)

  • Kaye

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the last two… lmao

  • junephilippines

    the last two are not same persons…

  • Curlie

    Avril actually looks prettier without makeup. But the expression on her face is really emberassing.

  • sib

    what’s with the last 2 ? No wonder so many people are put off by this site thinking its ran by closet racists..

  • Honest Ed

    Where was MJ? But I didn’t see any racism.

  • Anna

    Makes me feel good about myself 😀

    • Samantha

      I don’t know why, but seeing these celebs without their makeup makes me feel better >:)

  • Maria

    Eva looks scary without make-up……

  • xclusive02

    OMG. The Chris Brown/Rhianna & Ike/Tina Turner pictures are great. Who ever put those two together….. AWESOME!!!

    And for those of you who don’t get the last two. I’ll explain it for you. Ike used to beat up his wife Tina Turner, and Chris smacked up Rhianna. So that’s the colab with them. The site isn’t racist, you are just retarted.

  • fuck

    is it hard to keep constistancy? why you need to change where before and where after picture is?

  • phil

    they are airbrushed most of the time. or is that all the time?

  • leroy

    they all bloody airbrushed, thats cause they in the limelight, have you seen mariah carey without make up? belive me you don’t won’t to, nice songs but shame about the natural look, terrible. love seeing some of my mates when they get fooled into thinking there airbrushed celebs, singers are some kind of godess when in reality, it’s unreal, and all media sell. money’s only made out of fool’s. . . me i don’t go mad on buying.

  • tuck

    any person that starts out young with pounds of makeup will lokk hit as hell without it..they should have a post of women with no makeup

  • xclusive02

    you are dumb

  • xclusive02

    you are dumb too

  • xclusive02

    you are not dumb. Thank you for giving this posting some life. It wasn’t that hard to get the joke, but some just didn’t get it. Thanks again for being smart.

  • Chris

    gee! You get it! Can you please be a little more obvious that you get the joke, and call some more people dumb???? Moron

  • ghh

    can you bitch more about someone making a great point? idiot.

  • Brandon

    Agreed (on all fronts). I guess Avril and Angelina still have the youth thing going for them; the others don’t

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