If your favorite celebs were bald (20 Photos)

celebs bald lead1 If your favorite celebs were bald (20 Photos)

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  • Amanda

    Anybody else think the bald!George Clooney pic makes him look like Sean Connery?

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  • Bridget

    Johnny Depp is still sexy…even bald.

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  • Inulin

    is that a shopped colbert or just post-iraq head shave?

  • Moi

    Some of these look shopped.

    (And Obama looks like the thing from that scary Aphex Twin video)

  • charliie

    Benicio del Toro is still hot,haha.

  • Milly

    Obviously they’re shopped, it’s showing you what they would look like.

    & I really hope Hugh Laurie doesn’t shave his off! D:

  • db3300

    Jennifer Aniston was only improved by baldness. Seriously, am I the only straight man in the world who doesn’t understand what the big deal is about her? She’s always dated fairly good-looking men/A-list actors. That leads me to conclude that her woe-is-me persona is real and that every single guy in Hollywood is just, plain-and-simple, sick of her f—ing $h!t.

    She is either too vile to be with or her Eeyore act wears them out quickly. You can get away with that in your 20s but when you’re in your 40s, you just come across as needy and a bit insane.

  • darsh

    “Somehow”, you said. No more alcohol, pleeease !

  • Jenny Jamin

    Bald can be sexy

  • Lionhearte

    Most of these were horribly shopped. It looks like you cut the celeb’s hair off just below the hairline, then pasted some bald guy’s head just above the eyebrows, causing a double stack of foreheads.

    I mean fuck, look at Johnny Depp.

  • Rusty

    Is it just me, or is Tom Hanks now sporting Patrick Stewart’s melon? Something about it, it’s got a very distinctive shape …

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  • Psara

    Somehow Jennifer Love Hewitt is still hot, too! 😮

  • Brandon

    Same with the first Jennifer Aniston pic

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