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It's called 'Sturgeon Facing' and it's infecting everybody (20 Photos)

sturgeon face lead It's called 'Sturgeon Facing' and it's infecting everybody (20 Photos)

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  • NVMD

    Mr. Horse does not like this.

  • underground

    Politicians love it. It’s their favorite thing.

  • fuck

    This is called THE STINKY FACE motherfuckers and it originated in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

    • Dan

      Um…no it isn't, and no it didn't. The only thing that originated in East Bridgewater is foul mouthed jerkoff punks. Save your stinky face for your mothers soiled undergarments.

    • WRONG

      Its called a MEAN MUG and it originated in a Nellys song EI

  • pundit

    filthy politicians

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