Daily morning randomness 3.16.09 (36 photos)

a funny pictures 64t 17 Daily morning randomness 3.16.09 (36 photos)

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  • Horn

    The Darth Vader photo booth sequence is genius.

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  • Equalizer

    That Golf Girl is F%^$ing HOT!!!

  • bluegrasslass

    picture 3 – I threw up in my mouth a little 😦

  • blablah

    anyone notice that the cow is trying to mount a horse… i’m no farmer but doesnt the bull do the mounting… just sayin

    • Anonymous

      It happens. Saw a bunch of cows taking turns mounting a young bull before – the bull was not happy about it.

  • mrtee

    who is the chick golfer?

    • juan

      It says her name right on her bag genius!

  • junephilippines

    yeah! i love it…

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, she has a face like a bullldog licking piss off a nettle.
    (Though the Japaense girl has a fantastic ass)

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