Demotivational posters will never get old (27 photos)

a inspirational demotivational posters 1 Demotivational posters will never get old (27 photos)

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  • Equalizer

    “Annual Meeting of Women Drivers” – Very Funny!!!

  • Muslim Drivers (Pic) | penlau software

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  • hani

    we muslims pray 4 times a day

    not at 3 only

    but the pic still funny

    • Bobby

      To Hani
      You’re an idiot and should kill yourself nao.
      Muslims Pray five times per day, hence the five pillars of Islam.
      You’re lie about your religion has led to the misunderstanding of it.
      Theology fail.

      • Conor

        dont say that, there goes westminster abbey

      • rahul

        forgive him dear!dnt anger

  • Bobby

    Also I know I used You’re (you are) It was intended. I have my reasons that you will never know about. Now go cry.

  • evad

    hani, learn before you lie.

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