Hot Right Now: Remember Eminem’s daughter Hailie? Well, she’s 21 now (13 Photos)

This is why you're fat Part II (12 Photos)

ur fat lead This is why you're fat Part II (12 Photos)

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  • Amanda

    I think my cholesterol just went up a thousand points. Holy %$#@.

  • WOW


  • hellooo

    thats horrible!!

  • robin yates

    if you eat crap like that regularily,,,,,, expect to look like crap yourself,,,,,,,,

  • More Doctors Smoke Camels

    That meatloaf cake is the most epic thing I have ever seen

  • dj_red

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Jade

    Gorss – yet im sooooooo hungryright now and its not helping! Glad we dont have that crap in the UK!

    • Brandon

      Except the Scotch Egg is a British thing.

  • evanligus

    Well, you aren’t famous for your “great” food either…

  • top dog

    Yeah I can see it now, eating this stuff and five minutes later you’ll be wondering, why am I in the hospital with chest pains.

    • Sitting guy

      more like the toilet with flames coming out ferociously

  • Nick

    These things give the people sitting around you heart attacks for the overflow of fat.

  • Anonymous

    I pray that someone just made these for the spectacle and not for eating.

  • Regina

    ok …really sick…makes you not want to eat for the rest of your life……BUT it’s you NOT me!!!!..

    So pass it on Chivers…pass it on!!!!!

  • Ellemar

    hahaha, I love the Meat Cake

  • BWR

    The "Homewrecker" hot dog was on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food.

  • theman

    i WANT it all.!

  • Meat

    Wow, someone from the UK judging the food of any other country is simply amazing.

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