This is why you're fat Part II (12 Photos)

ur fat lead This is why you're fat Part II (12 Photos)

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  • Amanda

    I think my cholesterol just went up a thousand points. Holy %$#@.

  • WOW


  • hellooo

    thats horrible!!

  • robin yates

    if you eat crap like that regularily,,,,,, expect to look like crap yourself,,,,,,,,

  • More Doctors Smoke Camels

    That meatloaf cake is the most epic thing I have ever seen

  • dj_red

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Jade

    Gorss – yet im sooooooo hungryright now and its not helping! Glad we dont have that crap in the UK!

    • Brandon

      Except the Scotch Egg is a British thing.

  • evanligus

    Well, you aren’t famous for your “great” food either…

  • top dog

    Yeah I can see it now, eating this stuff and five minutes later you’ll be wondering, why am I in the hospital with chest pains.

    • Sitting guy

      more like the toilet with flames coming out ferociously

  • Nick

    These things give the people sitting around you heart attacks for the overflow of fat.

  • Anonymous

    I pray that someone just made these for the spectacle and not for eating.

  • Regina

    ok …really sick…makes you not want to eat for the rest of your life……BUT it’s you NOT me!!!!..

    So pass it on Chivers…pass it on!!!!!

  • Ellemar

    hahaha, I love the Meat Cake

  • BWR

    The "Homewrecker" hot dog was on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food.

  • theman

    i WANT it all.!

  • Meat

    Wow, someone from the UK judging the food of any other country is simply amazing.

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