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Shattered objects that shouldn't be shattered (7 Photos)

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shattered things lead Shattered objects that shouldn't be shattered (7 Photos)

we’re told this art is by the great Brock Davis. props. If he has a website, please send over so we can link.

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  • Anonymous


  • robin yates

    very artistic I’m sure, but why ?

  • dimitar

    This is very easy to do – first you dump the objects in liquid nitrogen and then smash them.

  • Koko

    This kind of makes me sad for some inexplicable reason.

  • Liz

    yeah, no nitrogen needed. just a good pair of scissors… and yeah, it kind of made me sad too.

  • Der Strohman

    It is marked as photoshop, do not think shops should be considered mindblowing

  • Jasmine
  • McFly

    I feel like I'm from the future

  • moxlas

    or you just cut them with knife or scissors.

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