Shattered objects that shouldn't be shattered (7 Photos)

shattered things lead Shattered objects that shouldn't be shattered (7 Photos)

we’re told this art is by the great Brock Davis. props. If he has a website, please send over so we can link.

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  • Anonymous


  • robin yates

    very artistic I’m sure, but why ?

  • dimitar

    This is very easy to do – first you dump the objects in liquid nitrogen and then smash them.

  • Koko

    This kind of makes me sad for some inexplicable reason.

  • Liz

    yeah, no nitrogen needed. just a good pair of scissors… and yeah, it kind of made me sad too.

  • Der Strohman

    It is marked as photoshop, do not think shops should be considered mindblowing

  • Jasmine
  • McFly

    I feel like I'm from the future

  • moxlas

    or you just cut them with knife or scissors.

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