You’ll never guess where this abondoned school is located. (18 photos)

a abandoned detroit schools 6 Youll never guess where this abondoned school is located. (18 photos)
The location of this school is at the end of the post

I love the smell of Detroit in the morning!
At the end of the 2007 school year, Jane Cooper Elementary (built in 1920) was left unsecured in the middle of the wasteland where a middle-class neighbourhood once stood. It took “scrappers” only a few months to strip the building of every last ounce of metal and leave it looking as though it hadn’t been occupied for decades. Photos by James Griffioen.

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  • j

    Sort of kills the surprise having the name in the URL and the title.

  • Amanda

    I think I’ve seen photos of places in Chernobyl that look better. Ouch.

  • Carlos MV

    almost scary

  • Signe

    Yes, this was a fail on your part. Having the name of the school and city in the URL. Quite interesting photos, still.

  • a

    Yeah, the title saying “Jane Cooper Elementary in Detroit” was kind of a give-away.

  • Boo Hoo

    Is that the whaaaambulance coming?!
    Do you want some ketchup with your french cries?

  • Looney

    Hm, I was gonna guess somewhere in Africa.

  • detroitfunk

    These photos are from a multitude of different Detroit schools, and several are of the Roosevelt Warehouse. If you are going to repost somebody elses work, at least get the data right.

  • Ashton

    Yeah really that’s not all from Janecooper school…a few of those places truly have been abandoned for decades

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  • Milly

    The pictures with the adandoned books and total messed up classrooms are freaky.

  • Scott

    That second picture is definitely not from the school.

  • Nicholas Folkes

    This is what happens when blacks become the majority – totally regressive and decay ridden.

    • Anonymous

      you are so ignorant

  • sue

    In 1947 I went to this school from kindergarten to 6th grade. In 1953 I then went on to Burroughs Junior High from 7th to 9th grade. I then moved on to Highschool. I drove by cooper many years ago and it was still running. Kids were out and I never saw 1 white face. The neighborhood that I grew up in is no longer there How sad. What happened? The blacks took over Belle Isle and then Detroit. I hope they’re happy. It is saddening to drive through the city streets and downtown and even the roads are terrible. We never had year books in cooper and now I wish we did. By the way…I still have my autograph book from Cooper. Ahh Such memories

  • psara

    Yeah it's those rich black jerks ruining it for us poor white working class average joe mavericks.

    • Sfigs

      Why always white people blame others? get over urself! do something for u and only u..if you see this "black" people make more money, then get up, get a degree work for yourself and have the same things these others are having. But dont sit there and blames others because u are nothing but a loser.

      • bootsy McGee

        Learn some grammer

  • echodave

    Can someone honestly explain to me the black culture. I would seriously like to know why there is such low achievement and high poverty compared to other ethnicities and cultures. What happened to Detroit? Not trying to be mean here, just wondering if someone has an opinion.

    • Steve

      Read The Origins of the Urban Crisis. It's a very complex story, but a very in-depth look at the long-lasting affects of segregation and racism.

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  • Goliath II

    Nice photos !

  • been_there

    Not one of the photos are of the Jane Cooper School.

  • guy11221

    Is there really a difference?

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