These people exist -Part VI (25 photos)

a these people exist part4 17 These people exist  Part VI (25 photos)

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  • Amanda

    These are some classy folks here, y’all.

  • Sean

    too bad most of these are obvious photoshops

  • Dani

    the 14th pic, the mc Donalds killer, was based on a Death God named Ryuuk from an anime called Death Note

    Look it up if you dont believe me X3

  • Cello

    The MCDonald’s Ryuuk is actually pretty fucking epic.

  • Xrusa

    – I have that problem too! I love sthooing so many things, it’s so hard to just have one thing to say I do. Glad you found your thing, you certainly do have a gift for capturing families & kiddos, your photos are just gorgeous & full of life.

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