Bullets shooting stuff Part II (18 Photos)

bullest shooting things Bullets shooting stuff Part II (18 Photos)

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  • robin yates

    thought there might be some gore in this set

  • Bill

    The picture with the caption of the razor blade splitting the bullet is incorrect, that is not a bullet but rather a pellet used in pellet guns such as those used in amateur shooting contests and in various levels of athletic events like the veterans games and the summer olympics in sharp shooting contests. Had this been an actual bullet it would have destroyed the razor.

    • Travis

      Yes and no. Some pellet guns fire a pellet as fast as a 22 long rifle caliber. Around 1200 fps or so. The kid versions like Daisy fire pellets at 350 fps. A 22 lead bullet would have behaved the same as the pellet in the photo. A jacketed bullet may have hurt the razor, but may not have. Bullets are usually jacketed with copper, which isn't a very hard metal either.

  • robin yates

    ever seen what a high velocity bullet does to human flesh ?,,,,,,,,,,,little entry hole,,,,,,,,,,,, fist sized exit

  • Jamie

    Ever seen the video of Korn’s freak on a leash?
    kinda crazy

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