Yes, she tries to jump… (5 Photos)

suicide jump lead Yes, she tries to jump... (5 Photos)

A 17 year-old girl in Nanjing, China attempted to end her own life by jumping off a six story building. She actually tries to jump and the officer catches her and holds her until help arrives. The Chinese government is up to their ears in suicides and tried to censor the photos. Luckily, The Chive used to run drugs into Taiwan and we obtained the images.

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  • damn

    what a brave policewoman
    i hope that girl found peace and maybe happiness

  • Amanda

    You said it. ^

  • Lou

    She succeeded in her jump the next day…

  • Steven

    anyone notice the officer is wearing heels. fashionable and brave!

    • Boogerbombs

      You know how i know you like fashion? 'cause you're gay.

  • kentuckycactus

    She wanted to jump because she realized she lives in China, breathes pollution everyday, has to watch every word that comes out of her mouth, and that no one would see the photos of her jumping because as the government says,” CHINA IS WONDERFUL. WE HAVE OLYMPICS!!”

  • Equalizer

    She want’s to commit suicide because her sex transplant went wrong…

  • Rockstar

    that’s cause she can’t find heaven in sex

  • NTFW

    something about pixelated genital porn…. makes me want to take the honourable way out as well.

  • xD

    Asians!! you know what im sayin’

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