1940's color photos that look totally modern (20 Photos)

1940 today color photos1 1940's color photos that look totally modern (20 Photos)

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  • Gill Avila

    Is this a gag testing our powers of observation? Some of those pix clearly show cars from the 1950’s. The St. Louis Arch was built in 1965.

  • Amanda

    Still, the quality of the photos and the colors are great. I’m pretty impressed.

  • Melissa

    It’s not as if you see all brand new cars on the road today. My car is over 10 years old.

  • Chiver

    Not a single one of these photos looks the least bit modern. What are you smoking?

  • Equalizer


  • underground


  • http://theforceofreason.com/2009/11/02/awesome-photo-of-monument-circle-from-the-1940s/ Awesome Photo of Monument Circle From the 1940s

    […] found this in a gallery of incredible 1940s photos that look totally modern.  This one was taken looking southward on Meridian […]

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, what’s so amazing about these???
    They had colour film back in the 30’s

  • deal-a-meal

    You can totally tell these are historical, because they show americans working and producing goods in factories.

  • dude

    Awesome, but you should have posted the originals for comparison.


    Its weird, i always imagine anything earlier than the 80’s to consist of people discovering fire and the wheel and such.

    • jon

      people built planes in the 1940s

  • william

    Cars on street with GULF gasoline sign takes me back. Great

  • Hervé

    Je suis photographe français et je trouve ces clichets magifiques ! Cadrage, lumière, piqué, tout y est. L'atmosphère est parfaitement rendue. C'est de l'art, tout simplement. Et tous ces gens, ci-dessus, qui font des commentaires comme s'ils étaient blasés de tout, qui ne voient pas le travail de l'artiste et qui cherchent toutes sorstes de détails pour dénigrer le photographe et celui qui présente ces photos, n'ont qu'a se faire greffer une paire d' yeux (avec un cerveau peut-être aussi) !

  • ploko

    Melissa you don’t quite get the lineage of time, do you? Or have you seen cars from 2019 on todays streets?

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