How to ruin a photo (18 Photos)

ruin photo lead How to ruin a photo (18 Photos)

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  • Looney

    I don’t understand this post at all.

  • francisco

    what is this?

  • slade

    the palin one is a photoshopped fake. search snopes for the original

  • Anonymous

    aside from the puke ones, weak post… the bald critter was pretty good too…

  • robin yates


  • underground

    The bald critter is an art piece at an exhibit.

  • Equalizer

    What kind of creature is that from the last picture?

  • kirby

    it’s a dropbear

  • at work

    that saratoga grad pic is awesome

  • Anonymous

    How is the demi moore/ashton kutcher one ruined?

    • GWB

      Ashton Kutcher and Demi moore are in it asshole.

  • phenphedrine

    It became cold and cloudy!

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