Dumpster Art by Oliver Bishop-Young (14 photos)

a dumpster art oliver bishop young 1 Dumpster Art by Oliver Bishop Young (14 photos)

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  • Equalizer

    I like that swimming pool idea

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  • Sharon

    Another gorgeous romning in Sweden and the UKI wonder what you’ll all be doing today?Whatever it is continue to have a wonderful time,take loads of photos,share contact information and and bank the experiences and memories !A special hello to MAX GREEN,UK UNIT 42,AND ALL HIS FELLOW HEREFORD AND WORCESTER SCOUTS STILL LOOKING OUT FOR YOU IN THE SEA OF 39,000 FACES ! x

  • Giovanna

    I like your stance on it, James. A elhhtay mix of observational drawing and a good-sized morgue file never hurt anybody.I hardly use reference photos, especially when it comes to organic things like people or animals. Usually, I use them to find an exact costume detail or to see how fabric falls on a figure a certain way. I’ve found at least for myself if I tend to reference living things heavily, it comes out really stiff. But if I’m unsure about how something looks after doing a couple of sketches, I look it up and try to incorporate what I learned.Frazetta is a GREAT example of someone who clearly didn’t use reference. I remember a painting of his that had a woman perched on top of a rock with two lions surrounding her. The lions are clearly not based on anything, but they’re believable, partly because I think there’s no sense of him at some point in the painting thinking “Well, I’m not really sure how this is supposed to look. Is that what a big cat looks like?”

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