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If stars were ordinary people (16 Photos)

stars ordinary people1 If stars were ordinary people (16 Photos)

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  • Lovely_Earth

    So…if stars were ordinary…which actually they kind of are anyway…they would all be fat? really?

    • George Danger Cruz

      yeah I dont agree with the chive on the fat parts. the only one I'll give you is the demi moore one. thats it. and britney. all the other ones are a nogo. especially the anorexic twins.

    • Generino

      Of course they are ordinary. They just have pressure on them to look really slim.

  • junephilippines

    love it!

  • Courtney

    exactly what i was thinking, lovely_earth…. see cuz umm not all ordinary ladies are fat? and stuff.

  • jess

    creative good job!

  • cerdo

    But this would only aply for american stars

  • Anonymous

    America…fat is normal

  • Player2

    Is it just me or does Leonardo Dicaprio look like Peter Griffin.

  • top dog

    I don’t know how I missed these , they are funny as hell.

  • idiots

    not all of them would be fat, not every ordinary person in the world is a fat person

  • Rob

    Why are “Normal” people always fat?

  • Tony

    Is that pic of Brit even shopped?

  • Anonymous


  • Lou

    Stupid Post, Ordinary = Fat ??? You should Photoshop your stupid ideas

  • jhonijhonjhn

    The faties wana riot, run!

  • Captain Charley

    these comments are fucking stupid; must have been done by jealous fat people, these are the coolest pictures ever, whoever did them is a genius.

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