The Inside-Boob, the other white meat (25 photos)

a inside boob cleavage 1 The Inside Boob, the other white meat (25 photos)

The notorious Side-boob is always hogging the spotlight, so we decided to give the Inside-boob some love. Not to be confused with your standard cleavage, the Inside-boob is in a league of its own with noticeable exposure below the half-way point of the mammaries. Enjoy.
Check back soon for the Under-boob gallery.

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  • Hooters

    I think the “inside boob” is known as “cleavage”.

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  • datolgk

    labamba o yea!!!!!!!??????shanz

  • Pearl

    Indeed its meaty.

  • Equalizer

    I will said it again… I envy that CAT…

  • Rajeev Ranjan Kumar

    I like these b……………

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  • Nightstalker

    Whats with the vice grip in pic #6. Looks stronger than the arm grab at the start of Cliffhanger!
    Cuddly Cat Boob FTW!!

  • SAK

    I’m older than most of the guys younger than me, and am having a difficult time being cool. How should I hold my hands when someone is taking my photograph? I see lots of different variations. Which one is money in the bank, and alerts all who are watching me that I’m cool?

  • Anonymous

    me too… envy tht CAT!!!

  • jsl

    Who's #13?

  • Gregory Opera

    Forth from the bottom, blue bikini – Amelia Zadro.

    She's an Irish chick that moved to Australia when she was a kid, and now lives in Sydney… She's 31 now, but we used to date when she was 18 and I still talk to her regularly on Facebook.

    • mmhmm

      cool story bro

    • Harden Long

      Nobody dates a nerd in a cowboy hat. Sorry dude, not buying it.

    • Bob

      That is pornstar Sunny Cruz.

    • kevin

      greg ur rite about her being irish,but thats not her!!! the amelia that ur talking is the mother of my kids! bundeena!!!!!!

  • Prashanth bobde


  • rajeev boss

    I like girl’s hot boob. Bcose it’s very sexy and romantic

  • Guest

    #14 sorta looks like Kim Jong Il

  • chivedaddy

    i like it but come on CHIVE…..more real home town girls and less celebrities next time k?

  • Always Last


  • parkatola

    Sorry dude.

    And thumbs up if you think that one of the best ideas ever was for the Chive to number their photos so they can be discussed and commented on without everyone having to scroll back up and count down to photo 15 or whatever.


  • Eric Williams

    Why is there a picture of Kim Jong Il on here?

  • Doney

    5th from the bottom

    what a BOOT! one ribbon and a badge hahahaha

  • http://yahoo briani

    Omg I on the wrog side of the enternet agin really tits

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