Female bodybuilders, like a trainwreck -you have to watch (30 photos)

a women bodybuilder trainwreck 16 Female bodybuilders, like a trainwreck  you have to watch (30 photos)

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  • LOL

    CHIVE DUDES! LOL You scarred me FOR LIFE by slipping the guy in there! LOL Like the women aren’t brutal enough! 😛

  • Justin

    MY EYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    “You have to watch,” you said. And I did. And now I’m stuck with these pictures in the back of my mind… Earth-shattering DO NOT WANT!

  • graeme

    This is one good reason why my girlfriend will never hit the gym.

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  • Callsit

    Bad photoshop pics.

  • poormigalito

    This gives new meaning to the phrase, “two out of three falls – winner take all.” – Callsit, these aren’t bad “photoshop pics” – Yes, they’re oiled up for the competition and photo op, maybe slight lighting effects, but I’ve seen a handful of these women in-the flesh, and “it’s a fact jack.” I’m an old jock and appreciate all the hard work, dedication and personal sacrifice, but to what end??

  • yourmomswme

    holy crapola. why would a “female” want to do these things to her body??? they look like dudes. oh i threw up in my mouth.

  • skinner

    I’ve known people who are into this. The steroids these “women” take actually cause their clits to grow into a mini-penis. it’s gross to actually see but people who do this with their bodies are so obsessed that they don’t care.

  • Masschine

    4 or 5 of these are photo manipulations. 3 of the women are mother’s one of the women is over 50. Throwing the dude in was just rude. Love most of the rest. And no I’m not into dudes nor do they intimidate me.

  • signlab

    I agree with Masschine the photoshopping is there, but still my thoughts are that even if you do take steroids the muscle doesn’t come easy, you still have to work really hard and of course the diets are hard to control. If you want to look like the girls in the photos, my advice is go ahead, its not for everyone….it should be for you. Kind regards.

  • John

    Great bods! I bet their wives are so proud.

  • shamal

    are they all married or not & what about their sex life can anybodi explain me? I M from India


  • shannon

    Horrible photoshopping… so obvious

  • robin yates

    EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!,,,,,,,,,,,, gross,,,,,,,,,,pathetic,,,,,,, certainly not for me

  • Nate_karr

    *looks up to the sky while crying*
    “Where are the sexy chivers? or the facebook girls with lowers back problems?”

  • renesis

    Gross. Toy ciego men.

  • Dani

    ……..What was their purpose for doing that to themselves?

    It’s not like any male on earth finds that attractive.. And it makes even fat woman shudder in disgust.

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  • jack ortiz

    I personally love these women . . If you only knew either you guys are jealous or your just sissys . Beauty is in thee eye of the beholder. I love muscle on a woman way more curves its just sexier . 2 strong bodies is awsome together .Why would you want a weak frail bitch when you grab her she might break or get hurt during rough sex a female bodybuilder ,strong will fuck the shit outof you and . I dont mind the roids . I like a horny woman who wants to fuck the shit out of me and the sex is way better then a skinny weak frail model types or actress types . NO WAY I WILL TAKE A FEMALE BODYBUILDER ANY DAY . i GUESS YOU DUDES WHO MAKE SHITTY FUCKED UP COMMENTS ARE PROBABLY FRAIL AND YOU WOULDNT WANT TO HAVE THAT HARD ROUGH POWERFUL WOMAN SCARED SHE MIGHT FUCK YOU HA HA HA

    • ROR

      dude, just say you’re gay, you’ll feel so much better

    • R-Lift


    • shnugs

      This guy fits into the 1%. Or a troll.

    • Jawbone

      Good lord, your love of the cock is immeasurable!

  • Eddie

    Feminine beauty is what they lost.Now they look like a Horse ass in the face,Their hair looks like crap.They should all have a sex change now to complete their make over.

  • Ori

    A lot of these look fake.

    Either way, excuse me. Im going to go vomit now…

  • db3300

    jack ortiz, you seem to prefer masculine bodies. If that's your thing, cool, but don't try to convince me they're sexy. If I did one of them (not happening), I'd be thinking it was a dude. Happened to a friend of mine who slept with a swimmer. Her back was very well defined and he said she looked just like a guy from behind. He got up.

    As has already been stated, several of these are p'shopped but not all. The ones that look too big are manipulated. Women can only get so big even with steroids. I've seen the biggest Ms Olympia champions and the big ones here (shopped) are bigger than them.

    graeme, your girlfriend would probably not be able to attain this kind of muscularity even with steroids. It takes more than just a chemical. You also have to bust your ass in the gym like never before. It doesn't happen without you trying to get that way. In fact, it's not the steroid that makes you bigger. The steroid enables you to workout harder and longer and recover quicker for even more workouts. So, it's the long, hard, frequent workouts that produce the muscle. The steroid makes that type of workout possible.

    • Don

      @db3300 – with some steroids there is literally no limit to how large the muscles can grow. Look up myostatin blockers if you want to learn more.

      Most, if not all of these pictures are real. This is the effect of steroids, kids. This is what happens when you inject a female body full of mystatin blockers and male hormones.

    • Da Sandman

      you're half wrong. Steroids make it possible to do much more and more brutal training, that's true. But they also enhance the muscle build up, though less than the actual training.

      For women you're completely wrong: women CAN NOT get this buff without steroids. It is naturally impossible for them, because they lack the male hormones that stimulate muscle growth. So if a girl wants to look like this (i can't fathom why…), she HAS to take steroids.

  • top dog

    Are you sure thems women? Holy moley!!!! I wouldn’t date em. Ladies, one thing, stay off the roids.

  • skeat

    Don't really see how any of these are shopped. I know a couple chicks like this and they are total gym rats. One of them admitted to me she took steroids. Some people are just naturally big and muscular (I think they are called ectomorphs), and if they hit the gym hard and go on crazy-strict diet they end up looking like that. If they weren't gym rats most of these chicks would probably just be enormous fat girls. I like a little muscle on my girls, but these girls take a special kinda guy. And i love the old man thrown in. Heehee!

    • LOL


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