Female bodybuilders, like a trainwreck -you have to watch (30 photos)

a women bodybuilder trainwreck 16 Female bodybuilders, like a trainwreck  you have to watch (30 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Mase doos maar dis moooi ek love dit

  • Anonymous

    Mase doos maar dis moooi ek love dit hule is dik opi steriods dis hkm hule soos mans lyk

  • https://www.facebook.com/tedwyat Teddy Wyatt

    These have all been PS you don't have to be a graphic artist to look at them and know this. I realize that many of these women are on roids, but not to the extent that which they're portrayed like aliens. Let's also not forget that they work extremely hard to gain this size, and like many have stated, are on strict diets to gain this muscle. It takes unending focus and determination to get the size and the incredible condition to come into a show and look like you've just wrapped yourself in cellophane over your muscle…the skin is so thin, that veins are popping out all over. This takes a lot of time and knowing your body. It is, without a doubt, a science. Someone can not achieve it without having gone through many a time dieting for shows, training for them and dialing themselves in for that show. Everyone has preferences and it'd be nice if we could just respect those that love these women! I respect all and would like to see the rest of you curb your fingers before you type something cruel Please and thank you!

  • http://BareDivas.com Scott

    I run a free female muscle bodybuilder ADULT website called BareDivas with daily updates. The content is hard to find, but our surfers really really like what we post as we only post picture series and videos of female muscle bodybuilders.

  • justme

    There are some horrible photoshop jobs in there.

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