False advertising alert, Subway is full of shit.

subway sucks1 False advertising alert, Subway is full of shit.
Against my better judgment I dined at Subway today and it backfired. Click here for full story.

I eat at Subway about 3 times per year for the same reason my friend Ed likes Hootie and the Blowfish…I have no idea. Anyway, I was hungry and the sign out front said, $5 ALL FOOTLONGS. Not just the 4 standard, boring subs on sale, but ALL their subs were only $5. An event like this comes around as often as Hailey’s Comet, so I said, f#@*k it, I’m goin’ in. I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak because only royalty, astronauts, and Burt Reynolds eat Philly Cheese Steaks and since its only $5 I figured I can swing it, even in this economy. I get to the obviously illegal-alien cashier and she rings me up. “$9.89” she says. I didn’t get a drink, chips, or pop so I think she simply mixed up her English numbers. I point to the giant sign that says, “$5 ALL FOOTLONGS.” To which she says, “$9.89” and explains that ALL footlong subs are $5, EXCEPT the Philly Cheese Steak and the Pastrami -pointing to the small print on the sign’

“Excludes Double-Stacked and all Premium Sandwiches”

Last time I checked, “all” meant “everything” as in: “ALL the king’s horses and ALL the kings men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” Nursery rhymes don’t lie. Or in court when they say, “ALL rise for the honorable Judge Harry T Stone.” I pretty sure you go to jail if you don’t rise. Or as in “Ashes, ashes, we ALL fall down.” If you don’t fall down, you are a dubbed a loser at a very young age. I digress…back to my great story,
So after she pointed out my mistake, I simply shook my head in confusion and the guy next to me says, “That’s a buncha bullshit.” He was correct. Out of protest, I didn’t argue, nor pay for the “Premium Sub”, I just got back in line, ordered a “Chipotle Steak” (the exact same sandwich with a different name), paid my $5 plus tax and peaced out with my sub-par sub.
On my way home I got to thinking… those poor Subway employees, legal or not, are going to have to explain to every person who orders the Philly or the Pastrami that those subs do not fall under the “ALL” category and that the corporate marketing team at Subway doesn’t own a f@*#king dictionary. Something must be done. Join me in my protest by going to your neighborhood Subway and ordering a Philly or Pastrami sub. After the artist completes his/her masterpiece, don’t pay for it, just leave and go to Wendys because Dave Thomas never told a lie. But do order a cookie because those things have crack in them. That is all. Back to the photos.
subway sucks2 False advertising alert, Subway is full of shit.

  • Loyd

    The $5 dollar footlong sub should be called, “The Starvation Sub”. It doesn’t matter what you order, you get a paper thin slice of meat with a paper thin layer of veggies on a very bland piece of bread. At least that is what my last several visits to the Subway in Meridian, Idaho were like. When I ate the sandwich all I could taste was the bland bread…Yuck! The guy behind the counter literally put a thinner layer of lettuce on the sandwich then there was meat. I requested more lettuce so now he double sprinkled a paper thin layer of lettuce and no more. This guy made me feel like I was begging him to put even a barely acceptable amount of lettuce on my sandwich. The routine was the same with the rest of the veggies.

    What I find even more interesting is when I went to a local Quiznos, Domino’s, Blimpie’s, and Port of Subs, I actually was given both a decent amount of meat and veggies right off the get go. There was no need to ask for additional veggies as plenty were provided on their regular sandwiches. Gee whiz, and I wasn’t made to feel like I should have to grovel for them. Plus their sandwiches were tasty. Yum, yum!

    Concerned with my recent visits at Subway Store 29220, I filled out the Subway on line “Customer Service Form” describing my experience. After being a loyal customer for 20 years purchasing thousands of subs from Subway surely they would care!? But considering I have never heard back from Subway, it is a good indication they no longer value my business. So long Subway, I am so done with you guys…

  • sixdeadelves

    jimmy johns

  • racj

    leo is an obvious idiot who does'nt know what he's talking about to begin with the big philly has 50% more meat than the chipotle steak & cheese and it also comes with double cheese the steak & cheese has only single cheese know what your talking about before you post this bs

  • Ice Please

    The one around the Corner from Me has pics of big cups of Coke with the ice piled high and ice cubes all over the cup.But when i filled the cup and went to push the button for the ice there was'nt one.So i asked the young girl behind the country how i get the ice she said "oh,We don't have ice and never have". WTF is all the pics for .Is it BYO ice?

  • Col. Sanchez

    Yo, cuz. Don't be illin' on me seester. She do what she told,man. Yeps, the food der is crap an all that, but she got 4 babies to feed. She don't care if you pay $5 or $50, she doing what the cash register say, man. You don't like it, yo need to axe for the assistant manager. He like family, he the father of one of my nephews.

  • fibonacc5150

    Subway belongs in the subway

  • Masschine

    In the nearly 10 years I've been going down the street for a sandwich twice a week I've gone to Subway maybe 10 times. The rest of the time I walked right past to Blimpie's where I've gotten subs for the same price as Subway with twice the meat and cheese. The Subway went under after three different managers.

  • Tim

    Grandpa Simpson: "Oh BITCH BITCH BITCH"

    Get a life.

  • Frank

    Subway in Fayetteville,NC on E. Blvd and Legion Rd and Owned by the same Foreign Manager, on Veterans day says he does Not do the Promotion and "the only Reason Americans, TOO INCLUDE YOU VETERAN GUYS, come in his store is cause they're always Wanting Freeload and get Free Food!"! He Wont get any of my Military "AMERICAN" Money!

  • angry subber

    They also false advertise the steak and cheese. I went to subway hoping for a piled up steak sandwich…WELL OOPS MY BAD!! They gave me alittle bit of steak, a whole lot of luttuce, a whole lot of steak sauce, and a WHOLE LOT of unsatisfaction. I should've known, i should've known. Never again!!!

  • shawn

    Subway SUCKs!!!

  • Bob

    i love subway and eat there like 2 or 3 days a week, shit is delicious

  • Anthony

    Screw Subway!! Was on a road trip with my girlfriend and the Subway was advertising the 5 dollar any footlong. I ordered a meatball one, and she wasn't hungry so she got a 6 inch Italian. Mine was 5 bucks, but somehow hers was $5.65. High prices for a sub par sandwich. Never again.

  • that guy

    There is something wrong with your tastebuds.

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