Ron Mueck amazing life-like but not life-size sculptures (16 photos)

a ron mueck human sculptures 20 Ron Mueck amazing life like but not life size sculptures (16 photos)

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  • ~M~

    OMG!! Those things are scary as hell!

  • John


  • Reborn Doll

    Was looking for info like this for my own site last week – mind if I borrow a bit?

  • junephilippines

    oh my god… he’s so amazing… how did he do that? very cool!!!

  • h

    These things scare the shit out of me. I could never even imagine being in the zip code as one of these things.

  • Maddie

    Freaky, but would like to see that in person. awesomeness.

  • Hammie

    Those baby sculptures scare the hell out of me.


    Though the giant foot is cool.


  • Maddie

    OMFG!! that’s so fuckin cool!!!

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