WTF -Part IV (30 photos)

jamin WTF  Part IV (30 photos)

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  • Jordan

    The funny thing is the cross dresser on the cruise ship is an instructor at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI. Never had him as a teacher though.

  • Becky


  • Paul R Wilson

    GOD! I HOPE that woman missing the top of her skull is a photoshop. I have seen pics that I hoped to God were photoshopped. UGH !

    Most of the peop here I hope never to see, let alone assosciate with. They must smell bad -and on purpose !

  • sib

    ^ Yes its photoshopped. The concept is from a tv show she’s in.

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    If you ever feel like talking to the guy in #18, he’s all ears.

  • Randoom

    Jeffree Star!

  • cheiz

    I see Jeffree Star!

  • Dingo

    any logical explanation for the enraged fat ass like thing?

  • raoul

    The cross dresser lives in my neighborhood in Treasure Island Florida. We see him all the time on the street,
    at the supermarket, etc.

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