Hot Right Now: The ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ has the most insane curves on the planet (30 photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.06.09 (20 Photos)

loaded bike lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.06.09 (20 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Mormon girl is cute.

  • kales

    Only after reading the comments did I realize she was Mormon…

    I thought it said “I can’t…I’m a Moron”.

    • Jay

      it's pretty much the same statement.

  • David

    Dam this is crazy, shows you how much this site blows up, this post is only 2 years old and it has only 20 photos and 4 comments, now each dar has over 40 photos and 800 comments, crazy shit

  • Anonymous

    Of course when I said ‘cute’ I actually meant frickin’ hot.

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