Wardrobe FAIL (23 photos)

a wardrobe fail malfunction 181 Wardrobe FAIL (23 photos)

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  • Amanda

    It’s funny when you see a guy and can only assume (hope?) he was made to dress up by his girlfriend (exhibit A: guy naked on Barbie-themed bed). (Oh, God, please let me be right about that one.)

  • robin yates

    funny,,,,,sad,,,,,,,,,,,, disgusting,,,,I loved them all,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks

  • Equalizer

    That girl been rip off by the dog is the best picture, I wish I was the one who took that shot. hehehe….

  • xclusive02

    OHHH MYYY GOD! These are all AWESOME. I can’t believe it. It’s like a bad car crash, I don’t want to look, but I just can’t help but stare with envy

  • Aaryn

    the one with the dog ripping the Chinese girls skirt is soooo photo shopped….

  • Pantheer

    Knitting has never been so SEXY!!

  • top dog

    Whats wrong with #6? all I see is a nice pair of tits.

    • Victor

      How about the fur trap trying to escape her crocheted crotch cover. Alliteration bonus- +200.

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