A solute to Alice, the Snorg t-shirt girl (14 Photos)

snorg tee girl A solute to Alice, the Snorg t shirt girl (14 Photos)

The perfect mix of cute and hot, Alice Fraasa has attained cult-like status for her ability to sell young males t-shirts. I called today and just tried to order Alice, without the shirt. Apparently, you can’t add that to the cart.

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  • Matt

    She has to be one of the most naturally photogenic girls on the planet…WOW!

  • Levi

    yeah, cool to see her in real life

  • http://www.cutefunnypictures.info/a-solute-to-alice-the-snorg-t-shirt-girl-14-photos/ A solute to Alice, the Snorg t-shirt girl (14 Photos) @ Cute Funny Pictures

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    SALUTE not solute

  • robin yates

    wicked smile !

  • frankie


  • roberto

    in the last picture she looks hot, beautiful girl anyway

  • peabody

    i dont think she is hot, she is pretty but not hot!

  • Seven

    dude is it just me or hasn’t ANYONE noticed this chick is crosseyed.. the first time i saw one of her t-shirt ads i thought to myself.. dude she’s crosseyed..

  • wow.

    she went to high school with me hahaha… damn

  • Brandon

    Busted Tees has some yummy female models as well.

  • Paul


  • Davesta

    If she hits that nail, she's gonna bust herself in the face with the board!

  • Always Last


  • Derek

    I think that probably the best part of Snorg Tees is; when you want to buy a shirt from them, they let you.

  • Tuur

    Pretty is the new hot :p Hot girls are sluts and you don’t want’s a slut or do you?

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