• LOL

    You just had to scar us with the last picture didn’t ya? 😀 Thanks for the first 16! 😛 @ 17!

  • Art in SC

    Thanx for slipping in the last one, ya bastids.

  • Gilmoid

    Damn you all to Hell! Where’s my eye bleach!!

  • Sexy roller derby chicks (17 photos) @ Cute Funny Pictures

    […] (more…) […]

  • ksenia

    that man on last picture is r8 fit 😀 😀

  • xclusive02

    huh. id watch this in real life

  • Pantheer

    percentage of roller derby chicks that are lesbians: 100

    • derbygirl

      totally false.

  • Magic

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  • Equalizer


  • ...rofl...

    8th is fuc*ing hot!

  • Randi

    They’re all lesbians? Hm…no wonder I have such an eager desire to join lol

  • Me

    Are they really all lesbians? Weird. Most women on most leagues are moms. I guess you have to become a lesbian after dealing with stupid men and bearing their worthless seed.

  • http://Sheetal Swapnil


  • Short-Fuze

    I do Roller derby and i am not lesbian and most of my fellow chicks are not also

  • Jay

    Damn there fine

  • Always Last


  • Rebel

    Hey I'm in derby and I am so totally not a fricken lesbian!

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