World's best motivational posters Part 4 (17 Photos)

best motivational posters World's best motivational posters Part 4 (17 Photos)

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    good fun stuff!!! ways to avoid getting distracted 😉 to be a top FUKKAD chao!

  • Psychaotic

    "Go be fat somewhere else" ///eyeroll///

    Fucking stupid retarded bullshit. I'm fat and don't give a fuck if you're so stupid you can't look away if it's something ya don't like.

    • Gregg

      go be fat somewhere else pls.

    • skinnyminnie

      if you honestly didn't "give a fuck" i doubt you would've FREAKED out like you did. fatty. 😛

    • Tim

      take a joke fatty ?

    • Guest

      Haha fat fuck

    • Rob

      Fat fuck, you are disgusting

    • patton303

      Then get the fuck off the computer, put down the Dippin' Dots and the Mountain Dew Code Red and hit them barbells if'n you're so fucking sensitive about your excess blubber……

  • ...rofl...

    8th one is fucking funny as hell!

  • JAB

    Oh Cleavage, my Kryptonite!

  • Pete

    is there something in the #6, the threes photo?

    • McRo

      A forest.

  • SGT Perz

    fuck man, that first chick is my exwife. no shit

    • Bill

      No, that's just her armpit.

      • eric


  • truth

    Gregg,you're probably fat too

  • Shag

    What is seen cannot be unseen. Ha! Fatty!!

  • Ken

    #8 Bree Olson???

    • Le Moi

      But she's really a hotty !

    • Oli

      yes it is

  • cody

    haha, ghetto my ass! thats redneck exhaust work. ive done it with a bean can. drink cans are two thin it'll just burn out. lol is it sad that i know this?

  • All mighty Craig

    CHIVE! i know the girl in that first picture, in fact i dated her a little while ago. If any1 wants to 'find her' i'm your guy 🙂

  • northerner

    #1, you know that's true. Hundreds of times…she's gorgeously stunningly hot. She should wear a burka during school hours. Would save countless reputations from needless destruction. Really. Think about it!

  • Keith

    Forget about the first girl…. lets find more of the next picture – that's were the action is

  • femosynthesis

    I need a girl 2 ride with me

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