Jesus created the funny bone on the 8th day (23 photos)

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funny jesus 16 Jesus created the funny bone on the 8th day (23 photos)

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  • Patrick

    And now one for Allah.:-)

    • nitin

      please dont upload lik diz pics of jesus …he is god dont mak a joke lik diz he is creator



    • Dan

      cállate tonto! Deja que jesus de algo sirva! JAJAJA

  • Dan

    clearly soft humor from the US.
    not shocking at all like we do in Europe..

    • Brandon

      Still hilarious though

  • Ralph Mantje

    Not shocking, but pure pwnage

  • kev

    DAFRIO chinga tu madre, jajajaja tan re cagadas las imagenes

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  • oldevil

    Lmao, rofl,lol, i laughed my ass of here, great!!

  • Gilmoid

    Most are pretty stupid, and way too many LOLs. Who made up that crap? I could do funnier dialogue balloons with a hangover.

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  • Alan

    Smile je staat op Geenstijl….

  • Kriz

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  • scary69

    if the same was done with allah the crackpots would be wanting your head on a stick

  • junephilippines

    love it! Im atheist by the way

  • sarah

    stop the lol’s! these aren’t funny. How about the classic. What did jesus say on the cross? Hey peter, I can see your house from here. or jesus cussing: Holy mary mother of me. Me Mom and Moms’ husband, medamnit!. Or just a tadah! in the one with his arms spread or after the resurection. You can do so much with jesus in terms of jokes. Why all crap jokes?

    • Big Slick

      Your jokes are lame, these ones are subtle and that’s what makes them so funny. Moron.

  • frosecold


  • dodo

    u all will burn in hell

    • Kevrobmc

      Bro, who actually still believes in that crap? If you don't repent, you will be damned to eternal hell, but remember, Jesus loves you? Rofl!!

  • ffs

    I like the fact that the dialogue is crappy, it makes it funnier – like Jesus et al are just dumbass kids screwing around on teh internets

  • EA

    I think the Jay man would approve of these.

  • AshTheMohican

    Wonder if we'll ever get to see a Muhammad page as funny as this. Do it Chive! Be the first, we got your back!😀

  • Kevrobmc

    #1 " What the fuck, you're a dog rofl " omg lol

  • Masao

    That’s just wrong and tasteless humour. I was offended by that.

  • John

    Check jesuspall (dot) com – is something similar but more retarded

  • @DickDBand

    Most of these pictures were stolen off site and have your watermark over them. Give credit where it is due.

  • chris

    Funny, but if we're talking JESUS, I would lose the vulgar language. And if you don't know what I mean, I meant like *ass, roFl, and stuff like that. :))) no need to agree, everyone is entitled to there own opinions. God Bless!!

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