Weekend Randomness 4.11.09 (50 photos)

a funny random pictures 4 11 09 42 Weekend Randomness 4.11.09 (50 photos)

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  • robin yates

    cover the ladies head and glass,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hawhawhahwhaw,,,,,,,,,, plus as usual, some excellent pics

  • Boomgirl

    the one with the pigeons on the “statue”, he’s a street performer in London, seen him before, amazingly dedicated.

    • Fionn

      He's been on Grafton Street in Dublin the last year or two now

  • junephilippines

    wow really? i thought its real sculpture//

  • P-90

    Kebabs on a plane….sweet.

  • irisheyes

    actually that street performer is usually in dublin, most weekends. hes very good.

  • Anonymous

    oh …ok…goot to know…

  • ............

    hilarious photos…except i could have done without the flight 11 photo..disgusting.

  • dave

    Wow, we have to have more of #33

  • dave

    Since that didn't work, #33 is the blonde with huge breasts eating a sandwich.

  • Jaime

    You may noticed the kebab on the plane… but i noticed the guy with his shoes off =').. nothing like comfort on a long journey

  • Bobafetish

    I want to be a stormtrooper….

  • Rick


  • OttawaBob

    Corner of Mulder & Scully! That's Ottawa, ON, Canada!

  • Nick in Naples

    I saw the Mulder and Scully one while watching the X-Files on Netflix…dodododo dodododo (imagine Twilight Zone music)

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