Beautiful long exposure photography (45 photos)

a slow shutter photography 4 Beautiful long exposure photography (45 photos)

I found these amazing photos floating on the internets, but I would love to give credit where credit is due; if you are the photographer behind any of these photos, please email me at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com so I can mention your name and put a link up to your portfolio and storefront.

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  • JG

    Sweet photos

  • St. George Utah retirement community

    Amazing photography! I especially liked the lighthouse withe light beaming out every direction. Wow!

  • jonphilip

    I created these photo’s. Thank you for taking them and putting them on the internets.
    You guys have made me famous.
    jon philip

  • JamesO

    FYI, #38 is an infrared photograph, and not long exposure.

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  • Sleepy

    These photos are amazing and make great desktop wallpapers, but truth be told, they would be more amazing if they didnt have ‘’ plastered on the corner. 😦

  • Concerned

    Seems very shady to infringe these photographers work and slap a "the chive" logo on them. Asking artits to email you to recieve credit is copyright infringement. You must first obtain permission. I can even see the artists info covered up by your logo on a couple of pics. So I am guessing you didn't put much work into figuring out who created them

  • Disappointed

    I have to say that although I greatly admire the beautiful photography, I agree with "Concerned" … somehow acknowledging that they're not your own while "slapping" your own logo on it shows the shadier side of social media — taking someone else's talent and broadcasting it yourself, regardless of acknowledgement … salt on the wound is putting your logo on it as if you own it. Or is it negative publicity is better than no publicity?

  • Peter

    Scumbag Steve: Steals photos, puts his own name on them.

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