Controversial petting zoo in Argentina (15 photos)

a argentina petting zoo tiger lion 5 Controversial petting zoo in Argentina (15 photos)

The zoo is called Zoo De Lujan. You pay $50, sign your life away and pet any exotic man-eater you want. We all know hot this story ends.

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  • Someone

    At least there aren’t any polar bears.
    Polar bears are incredibly dangerous.

  • Trendy Maternity Clothing

    is that even real? i can’t believe that they could do that.

  • twitterdotcom/whitney_lj

    Yeah, someone’s getting their asses mauled.

  • Zach

    y’know those animals are probly trained first, right

    • AshErin

      no shit dumbass, why would you even waste your time saying something like that

  • Abbie

    trained doesnt mean anything….. you and train a dog and it will still attack!

  • jees

    Those animals are clearly fed so much that they have no interest on eating humans.

    See that cheetah for ecxample. Fat as hell

  • kentuckycactus

    Dude, the animals are probably used to humans. As long as you’re not an asshole, you should be fine.

  • Lus

    I don’t think people are going to harm the animals, they look like regular people wanting to pet some lions and tigers. Try to harm those animals and your ass goes to jail !

  • Umm

    Comparing a lion to a dog is moronic. Even if these wild animals are fed a ton, use to humans, or trained, they still are not domesticated. It doesn’t take much to set off a wild animal (over stimulation or being crowded). Haven’t any of you seen “When Animals Attack”. Trainers that have worked with an individual animal for years can still be mauled and killed. If this is real, it is scary for all parties involve: visitors, handlers/trainers, and especially the exploited animal.

    • TeamAmerica

      Of course comparing a lion to a dog is moronic. Duh

      Dogs are much more delicious!

  • haysoos

    Regardless of the lack of safety for the humans – take a look at those enclosures! Not exactly the most stimulating or healthy environment for these critters.

    If I were one of those tigers, I’d take a chunk out of some random dude just out of sheer boredom.

  • EsP

    These animals are on some type pf Tranquilizers. See the yawning. They are all wacked out

  • sidath

    they all look drugged to me……the animals that is

  • whatever

    I went there a couple of years ago and they didn’t seem drugged to me. They are just big cats, cats sleep all day. They are well fed and content, not to mention trained and probably used to being around people from a young age. They don’t need to hunt so it’s very unlikely that they’ll go wild. It was pretty incredible to be able to touch lions and tigers, play with cubs and feed monkeys. I don’t know about those pictures but when I went there they had certain rules. They told you to only get close to the rear and only touch their backs. They said to NOT touch their paws or their heads. I don’t know about those pictures, cause I don’t remember seeing anyone getting that close to them except the zookeepers. All in all it was a very nice experience and I’d definitely do it again.

    • Sonia

      I was there 2 days ago, and im positive the animals are not drugged! there were of course all mainly asleep in the days (like ALL cats, small or big). And of course in the late afternoon, they all came alive. every single cat was awake, they were all roaring and carrying on, talking to each other between the cages. You are only allowed to enter the cages of some of animals born in captivity. There are certainly big lions and tigers there, and there is no way you could go in these cages, so i have to assume some of the above photos are fake. The animals were in reasonably good condition, better then what i expected and certainly better than the zoo at Plaza Italia – which is a disgrace!!! I dont agree that people should be let into adult cats cages, it is just crying out for a disaster to happen! But im 100% positive the animals were not drugged.

  • Kupuka

    I’m from Argentina and this is Lujan Zoo.
    The animals are druged as hell.

  • Guido

    this zoo as there are many more, in which animals are in poor shape. I’m from Argentina

  • CunningLinguist

    no, its the illusion of control. these animals are wild, they will never be domestic no matter how long you keep them in captivity, or how much time they spend with humans. ill remember this conversation when zoos like these get shut down for either a.) animal cruelty, or b.) news paper headlines that read “bear rips childs arm off at zoo before being beaten to death by parents.”

  • Ken

    I am an animal lover and like to think only the best of them but there is no way that is safe. Even if the big cats were domesticated (which they are not), think of how a normal house cat acts. Ever have your cat leap out from behind something and grab your ankle out of play? How about when you rub their bellies and they crab you with their claws and kick and bite you?

    Even in play, a 300+ pound cat does the same thing and you are dead.

    On top of that, these cats, as well socialized as they are, are wild. They can be in a bad mood and it would take only a second for a tragedy. Not to mention having scores of people in your face hour after hour every day would lead even the nicest animal to crack. Being safe 999 out of 1,000 times is still extremely dangerous for a petting zoo situation considering the number of visitors.

    I don’t know what is going on here but it isn’t good.

  • MatrixNeo

    These animals are stuffed. I’ve been there. There is a Polar Bear!

  • (_x_)

    go ahead. kiss it.

  • johnny 8

    these animals (above all, tiger, lion, etc) in this zoo are sedated and the people going there into the cage to take a stupid photo petting one of these animals are morons or sedated too. If you can read spanish, here it´s more information about it:

  • johnny 8

    Kupuka · 71 weeks ago
    I'm from Argentina and this is Lujan Zoo.

    The animals are druged as hell.


  • samuel

    I went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and I thought the animals were well taken care of by the zoo keepers. The people seem to care about the animals and the tourist where very kind and seemed to be having fun. To tell you the truth I was a little worried when I was touching the larger animals but I think that would be normal with just about anything new in life.

    This was one of the coolest things have have experienced in my life.
    Here is my facebook page so you can see I am telling the truth.

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