Russian mail order brides I would totally order

mail order lead Russian mail order brides I would totally order

If we were a news outlet, you’d expect a thorough explanation of how Russian mail order brides came to be; ya’ know – the market for sexy traffic between impoverished countries and developed nations, how Canadians love them, and how surprisingly only 20% of the arranged marriages end in divorce. But this is The Chive, people. If you want the hard facts go K.O. yourself over on the mail order Wikipedia page. What we want to know is, how much do they cost?
Answer: Before president Bush signed “International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005” (no, I’m not making that up) it was a lot cheaper. But these days, one that isn’t broken will run you an average of $15,000 but the girls pictured below are top shelf, in the $50-$60,000 range, plus you have to feed and shelter them for life I’m told. If browsing turns to buying, some really committed dude does a complete breakdown of the dos and don’ts here. If you’re just here to look, know that we did our best to confirm that the girls pictured are, in fact, real Russian mail order brides.
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young hot russian mail order brides 0 Russian mail order brides I would totally order
young hot russian mail order brides 4 Russian mail order brides I would totally order

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  • Justin

    Wait what do they mean by ‘order’? So i can just click something and *BANG* a hooker? sweet!

  • Darren fuuuuuu

    holy shit, credit card ready

  • Leslie M.

    this is just fucked up. it’s sexy-eff’d but holy shit. the pricetags are priceless.

  • james

    confirmation that the chive invented the internet.

  • John

    Leo and I easily found 20 websites dedicated to this shit. you can really lose yourself. I was supposed to have a kickball game tonight. that didn’t happen.

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  • Real eh?

    Yeah dudes…fucking love the chive. this one had me on the floor

  • BiggieSteve

    you guys fucking rock!


    My love for you is lot a like berserker!
    Victoria FTW

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  • Ян

    Хм… По моему мнению, минусы намного превосходят плюсы. Думаю, не стоит заморачиваться.

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  • Eddie

    What the Russian said was what I’m saying.I’m ordering two.

  • Dingo

    what happens if your order got mixed up wit some one else?

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  • YesYes

    Why would you buy one when you can just rent one for the hour? $225 GFE, MSOG, BBBJTCIMNQNS. Sucks that GREEK is usually an extra $100, though.

  • Da Cuntstabber

    They're not mail order brides. Those are dating sites stupid cunts.

  • Ashley Rice

    Russian brides and Philippine brides are beautiful, friendly, and faithful to their husband. Mail order brides is an international marriage agency, also called international introduction agency. This is a business where agencies introduce women of different countries for the purpose of marriage.

  • Ashley Rice

    Philippine brides and Russian brides are increasingly popular as a choice of an Asian bride for Western men. – Great site for finding a Philippine bride

  • Franklin

    #14, hands down.

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