World's best motivational posters Part 6 (16 Photos)

demotivated funny karate World's best motivational posters Part 6 (16 Photos)

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  • Billybo

    Hey the last pic, its that chick from all that internet porn lol somethin 18, forgot

    • _DoC_

      Yeah, Kates playground. Plenty of pron to see.

  • Amanda

    That last girl doesn’t even look old enough to OWN those clothes and rope, much less know how to use them! (And here’s where I start sounding like my mother.)

  • polgárjenő

    Kates Playground
    you are welcome XD

  • dumdum

    Hey Amanda… so, what’s up with your mother?

  • robin yates

    she looks old enough to me,,,, she is at least 18

  • ozzie

    She looks old enough to get fucked in the ass,that’s all that matters

  • Here's my opinion:

    Ozzie, amen!

  • Alan

    #10 if you tilt the moniter backwards you can see it better

    • _DoC_

      *Has gigs of porn…spends several minutes moving monitor around trying to get a peek*

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