Apparently Gizmodo fans are slobs (15 photos)

a gizmodo fans clutter slobs 10 Apparently Gizmodo fans are slobs (15 photos)

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  • LJ

    What the hell is Gizmodo?

  • LOL

    Exactly LJ…I guess I’m not Gizmodo worthy?

    Besides…those desks aren’t messy. You can still see the floor and parts of the desk in most of them! 😀 😀

  • Anonymous

    I’m with LJ there.

  • Anonymous

    Your point being?

  • junephilippines

    my desk looks like pic no: 4

  • clokwork

    nasty slobs take a few mins away from the porn and w.o.w andclean up !!!!!!!

  • jon

    There is a difference between being a slob and being a pig. These people are pigs.

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  • Dustin ODaffer

    I'm a gizmodo fan i keep my desk pretty damn organized.

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