Some people should not procreate -Part 2 (15 photos)

a why the fuck do you have kid 1 Some people should not procreate  Part 2 (15 photos)

Photos from the twisted genius at

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  • Julie

    These kids disgust me. Anyone that stupid, selfish and irresponsible should have their tubes tied or get a vasectomy… or both. >.<
    That one really pissed me off… she’s a mother, and she has the nerve to go around trying to take slutty pictures of herself while she leaves her kid on the floor? You already GOT laid. Now take care of your child.

  • sexless

    …somehow this is disturbing…

  • Himufkrs

    2hw8BS comment4 ,

  • leroy

    ur really think ur in position to tell us who's allowed to have a baby or not?!? u make me sick, this whole website is just…

    • Marzipan23

      Yes they are telling you who's allowed to have a baby, because you people are morons who don't know any better. A child can not raise a child.

    • A Guy

      How the hell are teens supposed to raise a baby properly? They are emotional, confused people who haven't experienced life yet. I admit that I fucked up and started a family with a low paying job which pushed me further into poverty, but I was at least an adult and I could devote my time to my children. Not devoting it to partying, texting, playing video games, and maybe getting an education.

    • Jawbone

      leroy, your government check cashing ass should be the first one with their privates cauterized.

  • UberLiz

    The one with the girl, the baby, and the monkey is a horrible photoshop.

    You can tell that the kid is from somewhere else because of the flash highlights.

    And the left arm (our right) does not look right.

    • Meh

      Look at her man hands!!!

  • Nate_karr

    yuck yuck yuck yuck.

    for some reason barry white started to play on my computer when this page loaded.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t funny. This is sad.

  • AirBorne

    Ok i understand that kids are stupid and fuck up i know i did it myself i'm siting there right now but it's all in how you handle the situation at hand I'm 18 have an lovely wife(19

    )daughter(3m). and in the Army and i couldn't be happier…and I'm Proud to say i have a GED becuse i droped out of school to do something dif. I had to work for it …i worked my fucking ass off but i'm proud of what i have i own 2 Trucks Have a three bedroom house…And to top it off I don't just work a nine to five i can take random days out of my week to jump out of planes or do some tac. training…So dont make fun of people that live their lifes dif. from you….whos to say your way is better then yours…As long as your Happy thats all that counts cuz you never no when it's your time to go.

    • Anonymous

      @AirBorne – Maybe you should have spent more time learning proper grammar. Kids can benefit from parents with superb diction.

    • http://facebook Tariqkhan

      it all is boring

    • A Guy

      Some people can do that. I was 20 and my wife 22. Majority of kids can't pull it off because it wasn't a choice. They just said "fuck it" and had sex then came a baby they don't want. You made the choices. You want what you have.

    • Jawbone

      Get a refund on your GED. Oh, and if you can pull your home around with one of your 2 trucks (Fancy!) you're still a huge fucking loser.

      "You never say no when it's time to go"? Stop quoting Ed Hardy t-shirts, you fucking embarrassment to men.

  • Blablabla keep on argueng


  • frances

    The one with the beer funnel and the sleeping baby is the most disturbing, lol.

  • Vega

    We are looking at Normal America here…

  • lol

    they are all white trash or black is anyone surprised i mean really.

    • Jawbone

      That they're all black or white? Not too many trailer park Chinese running around…

  • Anonymous

    at the right time, i would never think teens would be happy to show off there stupidness like that, we have enough stupid people in this world. people beat there children, u thinking fucking a guy and getting knocked up with a child that you will have to take care of by yourself without an education is cool. look at the jails 99% of those people there are from single parent homes. you would rather fuck and become a useless, sorry ass bitch with a stupid child to take care than to go to school, learn something, go to college, meet a good and nice man and fuck him and let him marry you and have children that you know will be loved. all of this taking pictures together and posing with your babys while drinking all of this shit is bullshit and i hope those babys grow up and slap the cock shit out of there dumb ass mothers for opening up their legs and fucking someone in the fucking high school and fucking up another childs life. fuck all of u dumb ass pregnant future drop out bitches. pigs! and i am a women!

  • Leroy is a genius!

    What a well written argument Leroy! “You’re really think you’re in (a) position”

    Let me guess, you’re the guy in the “needs new furniture” picture? Maybe not, maybe you’re just a guy that’s knocked up plenty of girls (can’t really call these women) and is just mad that you don’t get a piece of the food stamp/welfare money since you ran away the other way.

    If you don’t like this website, don’t return here! We wont miss you! See how easy that was? Just like a vasectomy Leroy, even you can do it!

  • Anonymous

    i know she is a stupid ass bitch! i am a mother too. and i just want to slap the piss out of her.

  • kimmi

    amen i hate humans very much i cant understand whats so good about bringing another imperfect human in this fucking gayy world
    someone please help me to understand

  • Did it work?

    That illustrates a smack upside the head… Did it work?

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