So you got wasted Part 2 (20 Photos)

wasted people again So you got wasted Part 2 (20 Photos)

Did you get shit-house drunk recently? If so, send us your photos.
Chive On!
Leo and John

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  • donnyrkj

    i know the guy in the second pic…there is a picture of me tea baggin him somewhere! im sure though he has me doing the streaking fail..nude and slick pavement dont mix. bu love the site great work!

  • kelly

    okay…… the guy in the dirty tub——– makes me want to vomit
    the guy in the restaurant with his pants down looks like Kiefer Sutherland (I think)
    And the girl laying on the bathroom floor with the circle of vomit- fake………

    Just my opinions…..

    Only so long before one of my chirades end up in one of these picture threads…….. lol.

  • xclusive02

    wow. Glad there are no pics of me on here….. yet

  • robin yates

    in the UK, so many seriously drunk females about,,,,especially friday through sunday

  • JB

    That guy at the table with his pants down is definitely Kiefer Sutherland. Same tattoo.

  • Anonymous

    pic # 3 neon cactus. Purdue University. big ass mug of beer for 25 cents, it doesnt get any better than that..

  • criminal

    looks like another white girl got raped by a black man. how surprising.

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