Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.21.09 (20 Photos)

lead wedding this Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.21.09 (20 Photos)

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  • landslideclothing

    Some of these are soo fake, you expect us to believe that there’s a black president? come on.

  • robin yates

    a black President ? in America land of the free ? surely not !!!

  • xclusive02

    What the hell is that growin out of that chicks head? WTF? Love the Pool sign. Friend of mine has the same one at her house

  • My_T_G_D

    Do The Worm

  • nelly02

    |Good set! fire vortex thingy is fookin ace, like a fire spell. needs shopping on to a wizard or something! pool sign very good too. the beer ladies make me thirsty and the one on the end left looks like my girlfriend!! (though with slightly bigger front bumps!) i kid you not.


    • svp


  • isetmypantsonfire

    it’s princess Leia, not Leah….sorry but i am a hardcore star wars fan…and therefore must correct these things….

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