The 19th Hole, South Africa (3 Photos, 1 Video)

19th hold lead The 19th Hole, South Africa (3 Photos, 1 Video)
The 19th Hole is an 850 yard Par 3 located on the Legends of Golf resort in South Africa. The ball falls nearly a half mile down to the hole and you have to take a helicopter to tee off. I shit you not.

  • LOL

    Par 3?!? HOW the heck do you find your ball after the first one?!? LOL

  • d00d

    like i always say: if the point of golf is to get the lowest score, I win by watching tv

  • Big Bob

    Even if you’re lucky enough to hit the green, it’s going to bounce another 100 yards in the other direction!

  • Saffer

    It's in Entabeni, there is price money for a hole in one, has never been paid out so far.

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  • MidNightBeast

    Football pads are necessary to football. Batting gloves in baseball are truly helpful. Why is this guy wearing a visor? Does it improve swing speed?

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