Worst prom photos ever (18 Photos)

prom worst lead Worst prom photos ever (18 Photos)

Next Round is a responsible for this epic post. More prom misery here.

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  • http://me2day.net/mistwalker/2009/05/25#13:08:09 mistwalker's me2DAY

    Radio의 느낌…

    최악의 프롬(prom) 사진들 보다가 기절하는줄 알았다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…

  • mishi

    some of the outfits here are people participating in “stuck at prom,” which is a scholarship. competing in a scholarship = hardly the worst prom photo ever. (the dresses and suits made of duct tape)

  • miaoww

    winnie the pooh, ftw.

  • nurisim

    I think that those people are brilliant. Especially the jedi and Amidalla one. I so should have cosplayed at prom 😦

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  • Kelsey

    Dude! I know the four guys making the arch! They graduated with me lol

  • Anonymous

    the one with the over tanned tools is the best i cant stop laughing at it

  • Anonymous

    Uh, guys…

    Picture #8 is NOT a bad photo.
    “Waddya mean? They have leaves and garlands! It looks like they are Hawaiians!”

    My response:

    Note the writing on the photo:
    “Kamehameha Senior Prom”

    Kamehameha School is a school for “the children of Hawaii.” EG: HAWAIIAN DESCENT (except for a few cases, but we won’t mention them here…) THESE TWO (or perhaps only one of them) ARE TRUE HAWAIIANS.

    Having lived in Hawaii for years, this is truely acceptable. You not living there, you think its weird…

    Heck, you should have seen some of the graduations… More flowers and garlands (leis) than a flower show…

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  • Ralph Gizzip

    Those orange “guido’s” are frakkin’ hilarious and the matching camo outfits were pretty cool.

  • manderly

    There is nothing wrong with the Kamehameha one. It’s very standard to give your male date a maile lei, whether Hawaiian or not. Being that they attend Kamehameha High School, they are in fact of Hawaiian decent. Dumbasses.

    My source? Born and raised in Hawaii. So there.

  • Alp

    i love dragonball

  • DatWop32

    the first camo pic is pretty boss if you ask me!

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  • Bob

    The one where the guy is holding the cat in front of the tiger skin is totally epic, and the chick is hot too = win

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