You're an idiot -Part 1 of many more to come (20 photos)

a youre an idiot retard 15 You're an idiot  Part 1 of many more to come (20 photos)

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  • robin yates

    is the pic of a black guy complaining about " whites and chinese " real ?

    • DjDiddles

      Clearly he didn't write the paragraph as well.

  • xclusive02

    Love the hipsters on the bottom. That’s my style

  • OldDude

    Ok so I promised myself once another picture such as number 1 arose again I would ask some questions.

    Is there a name for this style?

    Why in some of the past pics do they suffer from an oompa loompa pigment disorder?

    What’s with the hair?

    That’s it…Thanks

    • erica

      i cant tell if their faces have been switched they look that bad

  • D'oh

    Oi, there’s nothing wrong with picture 16! War re-enactments are awesome, especially on thát scale. I mean, explosions everywhere, for shits & giggles, what’s not to like?

    Also, @ OldDude:
    I laugher so hard at “oompa loompa pigment disorder”, thanks for making me laugh.

  • NIa?

    For God, don't tell me that on first pics, left side is a girl… I think it's a Jersey thing.

  • Sis

    Exclusively Generic!

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