Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.23.09 (20 Photos)

hello super hero Daily Afternoon Randomness 4.23.09 (20 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    guy wearing a g string,,,,,standing suggestivlly at the bar,,,,,,???

  • Equalizer

    I envy that big dog with that cute chick.

  • joe

    equalizer – i wouldnt envy the dog that much. that chic has a diaper on…..lol

  • Ken

    What is with the diaper?

    “Is that a moose (husky, bear) in your pants or are just happy to see me?”

  • anaition

    What in fuck’s name is up w/ the last dude with a star on his forehead?! Yeah, cuz a star is sooo hardfuckin’core!!

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk Merovingian

    Why is the women in 14 wearing a nappy?

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