Chinese pickpockets…lil bastards (20 photos)

a chinese kids pickpocket 2 Chinese pickpockets...lil bastards (20 photos)

…most pickpockets are young kids, usually escorted by an adult who trains and looks out for them.

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  • robin yates

    there are pickpockets the world over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, be careful where you leave your wallet or purse and BE AWARE of who is near you

  • Fe1

    Sure there are pickpockets the world over, Robin, but today we are highlighting the little Chinese bastards.

  • Ross

    Wish they would try that on me so I could catch them at it and stomp their heads into the kerb.

    • Six

      And then get executed and your family will get billed for the bullets used…

  • Dranzkazama11

    gawd…it sux to see this. Anyways, it’s not really relevant to associate race with pick-pocketing. Chinese or not, it still sux. no, i’m not Chinese…just Asian

    • Bruce Lee

      I knugh wha you meen it wrong to raff out roud at rem. Dey no nobetta! WHAAAA!!!!!

  • at work

    if i ever caught one of those kids trying to pull that shit on me, i would punch their faces in with no hesitation

  • Sub

    Hope you know Kung-Fu!!!


  • blackdog

    How easy it is to slander an entire culture by editing pictures.These young people are actually Buddhist activists practicing random acts of kindness. Each photo clearly shows them placing a pack of chocolate peppermint patties in unsuspecting strangers' pockets, etc. In this way both the giver and receiver are guaranteed a blessed reincarnation working for Hersey's. Yum Yum!!

    • Six

      The cell phone looking candy got blessed the most!

  • Anonymous

    chinese are reknowned thieves. They stole everything from techinilogy to jets design. They are no. 1 in hacking also.

  • screwutoo

    won't they get a bullet to the brain if caught by cops? Not worth a few funny looking bills.

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