• oh well

    youll never die alone

  • it's just soccer

    horrific. 😦 I remember when this happened.

  • heath

    crazy euros

  • Carlos MV

    sad. nice pics though

    • Friend of HFSG

      Yeah, great close up pictures of people dying. The pity is that more people like you or the DICK who put this one here weren't on that front row.

  • nibbenjamin

    These photographs are never printed anywhere else in respect for the people dying in them.

    Why does the Chive feel it is OK to publish them now!!!!:(:(

  • Chris

    Oh for the record, Carlos MV your a dick

  • ffs

    Yeah, FFS take it down.

  • Equalizer

    That’s why its safer to watch WWE than football..

  • Friend of HFSG

    Is anyone moderating this???? Will anyone remove it?????

  • Anonymous

    You mental case sicko, your poor mother giving birth to an evil monster, hope u die a slow and painful death… Go to hell you waste of a coffin

  • andy

    Gutter journos who don't deserve to be in employment.

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