The many faces of Natalia Siwiec (37 photos)

a natalia siwiec hot bikini 9 The many faces of Natalia Siwiec (37 photos)

Check out more of this Polish bombshell at Natalia’s website HERE

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  • latallal

    The one with the green dress, number 15, was the wow-est!

  • eeds

    She is HEAVILY photoshopped… you can see she looks way worse in her candid pictures

  • kazimierz turek z łomży

    Natalia is neutral in category of natural beauty. But she has beautiful and propotional body and a lot of potential to extremal beauty revamping. Her modelling talent are godsend for good photographer. Photoshop guy had some work to do (face, underchin, left feet and stomach) – look closer you will see it what i mean 🙂

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    […] Polish model Natalia Siwiec. Here are 37 more pictures of the Polish model. […]

  • Epitomizer

    I see me some bush in #23!!!!!!

  • The Mad Zak

    This lady is still hawt in the non-photo shopped pics. Beautiful!

  • Katherine Smith

    So hot! Never heard of her until I recently saw her at Euro2012… So you should add the face of a sports fan to the "many faces" : 🙂 It is well known that Natalia is a big sports fan and supporter of Poland football team!

  • joljol

    Brzydulo brałby cie

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